Church of the Santa Trinità

Church of the Santa Trinità - Calvi dell'Umbria

In 1523, Maestro Rinaldo Iacovetti da Calvi was entrusted by the community of Calvi with the building of the church which was initially dedicated to Madonna delle Grazie. 

Its location is on the site of a miracle: an image of the Madonna painted on the wall of a home had mysteriously wept.

It was also known as "Madonna dello Sportello" because it was near an ancient gate, known as "lo sportello", in the ancient walls that enclosed the town, before the expansion of the built up area towards the valley.

The building is spread over various levels, "climbing" up the rock on which the town is built. Its layout is of an octagonal presbytery with a rectangle inside for the congregation: these two parts, the former covered by a cupola and the latter by a cross-vaulted ceiling, are connected by a large triumphal arch which gives a certain unity to the space.

Inside, there is a fresco depicting the Madonna and child, dated to the mid-15th century.

Outside, note the carved limestone portal with the architrave that bears the writing AVE REGINA CELORUM, the decorated tiles in the eaves and the octagonal lantern characterised by pilasters with terracotta cornices and capitals and covered with brick shingles.

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