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Traditional recipes



The origin of “Cicerchiata” is disputed between Umbria and Abruzzo; however, it’s a sweet with a bright and colourful aspect, typical of the Carnival’s celebrations. 



Mix 300 gr. of flour with 3 eggs, the grated skin of half a lemon, a few tablespoons of liquor such as Alchermes and 30 gr. of butter. 
Shape the mixture into small balls and fry them gradually in abundant hot oil. 
Drain the balls and set them aside. 
Then cut 150 gr. of peeled almonds into stripes. 
Heat 400 gr. of honey, until it gets gilded. 
Then in a bowl mix honey with the small balls, add almonds and 100 gr. of candied fruits that were previously cut into cubes. 
Grease with butter a mould with a central hole, place the dough there to let it cool down so that it could take the shape of a donut. 


Source: “La cucina delle regioni d’Italia – Umbria”, Edizioni Mida - Bologna (italy)