Sculptures in the city - Spoleto 1962

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Piazza della Libertà 7 - 06049 Spoleto

In 1962 houses, terraces, squares, medieval arches, alleys and slopes of the Albornoz Fortress of Spoleto enriched their beauty thanks to the presence of 104 sculptures made by 53 among the most famous artists of the 20th century. 

The exhibition “Sculptures in the city”, conceived and curated by Giovanni Carandente for the 5th Festival of the Two Worlds, turned Spoleto in an open-air museum and got a great attention on the international press, becoming one of the main historical festivals of international sculpture in the last century.

For the first time ancient architectures and modern sculptures were compared, so that they could live again in the same places where everyday life takes place.

The artists who displayed their artworks externally include: Arp, Colla, Fontana, Lorenzetti, Manzù, Marini, Moore and David Smith, 20 artworks of whom were exhibited at the Roman Theatre (several of these ones can be admired today in a wing of the Washington National Gallery, in a hall devoted to the artist, whose structure is inspired by the Spoleto Arena and the exhibition of 1962 is documented on its walls).

In 2012, 50 years after the big exhibition of 1962, the District of Spoleto celebrated the contemporary sculpture with the exhibition “+50. Sculptures in the city among memory (1962) and present (2012)”: the artworks of about 50 Italian artists were spread among Collicola Visual Arts Palace and different locations in the town.

Between them there were: Giovanni Albanese, Robert Gligorov, Michelangelo Galliani, Michele Ciribifera, Alex Pinna, Andrea Pinchi, Mario Consiglio, Peppe Perone, Mario Cuppone, Franco Menicagli, Alessandra Pierelli, Gehard Demetz, Raul Gabriel.

Today the following sculptures remain:

Alexander Calder – Teodelapio

Lynn Chadwick – Stranger III

Pietro Consagra – Colloquio Spoletino (Interview in Spoleto)

Nino Franchina – Spoleto 1962

Beverly Pepper – Il dono di Icaro (The gift of Icaro)

Arnaldo Pomodoro – Colonna del Viaggiatore (Column of the Traveller)