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The Castle of Lisciano Niccone

The Castle of Lisciano Niccone

It has very ancient origins; in fact, it was built on top of the hill overlooking the town from the east, around the 9th-10th century. In 1202, through the work of the Monte Marquis who possessed it, it was placed under the protection of Perugia, whose destiny it followed.


After a brief period in which it belonged to the Casali family of Cortona, in 1479 it returned under the papal government, where it remained until, in 1861, it was joined to the Kingdom of Italy. It was also belonged to the Marquis of Sorbello. Today there remain a few ruins of the old castle that give evidence of its imposing size. The town was located here, before being transferred downstream. In Val di Rose, near the village of Crocicchie, is the St. Nicholas Church which houses an altarpiece by the School of Raphael from around 1515, painted by Eusebio di San Giorgio.



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