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Easter's food specialties in Umbria, among cuisine and tradition

Easter's food specialties in Umbria, among cuisine and tradition

Cosa si mangia in Umbria a Pasqua: i cibi tipici di questa festività

Undisputed queen of this festivity is the Umbrian "Easter's Cake", also called "Easter's Pizza". A soft and tasty pie made with eggs, flour and mixed cheeses, that according to the tradition was prepared by the family's women on the Holy Thursday. With long rising times and then baked in the wood-burning oven, it couldn't be consumed before the Easter's morning.


In Umbria, the Jesus Resurrection's Day is still now celebrated with this first special breakfast made with cheese pie, capocollo, boiled eggs, all strictly blessed. Indeed on the Holy Saturday's morning families generally prepare a basket including the typical pie, salt, eggs, some cured meats, bread, wine and the ciaramicola (this latter is a typical cake for Perugia's inhabitants) and bring that to the church for the food's blessing. This food has an high symbolic content related to the Christian tradition: the egg represents Resurrection, the bread is emblem of Christ as "life's bread", the wine adds the symbolism of Jesus' blood, the meat evokes the concept of sacrifice.


During the day a big lunch will follow and include the preparation of a home-made pasta such as "agnolotti" filled with meat, noodles, Norcia's tortelloni or the Spoleto's strangozzi, according to the area or the familiar tradition. As second course, the lamb is typical of the Umbrian's Easter, and is roasted and served with some lemon's slices to enhance its flavour at best.

As dessert you could taste the ciaramicola, unmissable for all families of Perugia's area. We are talking of a red torcolo with alkermes, covered with a white glaze made of meringue and coloured sprinkles. The combination of red and white reminds exactly the symbolic colours of the Umbrian main town. Instead the preparation of the sweet Easter's Cake, rich with spices and candied fruits is typical of Orvieto, Valnerina and Trasimeno's areas. The Easter's Dove - spread all over Italy - is unmissable, since it's the symbol of Jesus' Resurrection and peace message, the most important one that this festivity could convey from the religious point of view.