Trevi black celery

Sedano nero di Trevi

Trevi's sedano nero (black celery) is tall, with stalks that can reach up to one meter; has dark green ribs without fibres, and a pronounced celery scent.

The tradition of Trevi says that the tiny black celery seeds are planted on the eve of Easter and that left to sprout until the plant reaches the height of thirty centimeters. From this moment on, and with extreme care, the plants are progressively earthed up (work that still today is mostly done by hand) that produces, just after summer, plants having wide ribs with an intense and inviting colour and scent. The black celery of Trevi, cultivated in the area since the 17th century, is one of the six Slow Food Presidia of the region.

Among the tastiest recipes to eat in Trevi in October are celery stuffed with sausage.

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