Abbey of San Pietro a Bovara

Abbey of San Pietro a Bovara, Trevi

The Abbey of San Pietro is in the village of Bovara, between the towns of Trevi and Pissignano
Mentioned for the first time in a document dating back to 1177, it was a powerful independent abbey until 1258 when it came under the jurisdiction of the nearby abbey of Sassovivo, near Foligno. The original layout of the façade and interior of the adjoining twelfth-century church, restored in the nineteen-fifties, have been preserved intact with the exception of the presbytery which was rebuilt in 1622.
In the chapel of the left nave, decorated with baroque stucco, is the wooden Crucifix, in front of which, according to popular devotion, Brother Pacifico had a vision of paradise during one of his trips with St. Francis to the Rieti valley. The episode was represented by Giotto in the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi.
The crucifix that you see today actually dates from the fourteenth century, and therefore after the saint's death, but there are many sources that document his stay at the church, particularly loved by Francis due to its remote location which is well-suited to more fervent prayer.
An interesting fact about the site: the name Bovara comes from pagan tradition tied to the purification of the oxen in the waters of the Clitunno, prior to sacrifice to the gods.
Near the Abbey is the Olive tree of Sant'Emiliano, the oldest in Umbria and some 9 metres high; it is 1700 years old and according to tradition, in 304 the saint was tied to its trunk and killed.
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