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La Primavera Medievale (Medieval Spring)

La Primavera Medievale (Medieval Spring)

"La Primavera Medievale" ("Medieval Spring"), scheduled to take place between the 22nd and the 25th April, is an event with which Bevagna anticipates the renowned "Mercato delle Gaite" ("Gaite Market"), which will instead be taking place from the 15th to the 25th June.



Over the years, this now consolidated appointment has become increasingly important, no longer only a showcase for the more famous   event, but proposing itself as a moment to relive the Gaite at a different moment of the year.


For four days, Bevagna will be stepping back in time, with many initiatives celebrating medieval art, culture, food and wine. In addition to the opening of the Botteghe Medievali (Medieval Workshops), there will also be in-depth discussions, conferences, entertainment and shows.

Don't miss out on the medieval craft market, that will recall some of the best Italian reenactors, as well as on the Gaite's banquet and on the medieval banquet which will be open to everyone.

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