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Hermann Nitsch - O.M.T. Colour from the Rite

Hermann Nitsch - O.M.T. Colour from the Rite

"My theatre of orgies and mysteries concentrates the intense experience, the ritual in the sense of the shape, by creating a festival of the existence, a concentrated, aware and sensual experience of our being".

Hermann Nitsch

The CIAC Italian Center of Contemporary Art in Foligno is going to host, from the 25th March to the 9th July, the exhibition Hermann Nitsch O.M.T Orgien Mysterien Theatre -

it/documents/10184/0/scheda+mostra+foligno/f4bf868e-c016-467d-83de-582f6ad487de" target="_blank">Colour from the Rite, a personal exhibition devoted to the big Austrian master, member of the Viennese Actionism, of Informal and therefore creator of highly discussed and memorable performances as well as installations. 

The exhibition collects about 40 artworks, divided in 9 different work-cycles, made between 1984 and 2010 and set up as if they were a unique big open work in the CIAC spaces that therefore offer the opportunity to meet one among the major protagonists of the international art in the second half of the 20th century.

The exhibition presents some famous installations, demonstrations, theoretical actions, several emblematic prints on canvas, and nine lithographs of cycle The Architecture of the O.M. Theatre and different volumes written by Nitsch throughout the years, witnessing his wide theoretical activity.

It is therefore an exhaustive itinerary through Hermann Nitsch´s poetics that is certainly complex and rich of philosophical suggestions. His personality represents at a high level tensions, problems and demands of the contemporary society.


Opening and exhibition times

Friday 4 - 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am - 12.30 pm ; 4 - 7 pm



€ 5; reduced € 3.

Free entrance for: children until 14 years, schools students, disabled persons 

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