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Panorama Usigni - Poggiodomo
Valnerina à découvrir

From Poggiodomo to Monteleone di Spoleto

A hiking itinerary which leaves from Poggiodomo and ends in  Monteleone di Spoleto: discover the Valnerina along its hiking trails 

The Valnerina will continue to delight you along the trails which cross this area: discover the territory from Poggiodomo to Monteleone di Spoleto.

Leave from the little but charming Poggiodomo: over the years it has been a destination for monks, hermits, mystics and partisans, who in the last war, founded the most operative brigades here. With its 187 inhabitants, Poggiodomo is the smallest comune in the Province of Perugia.


Take the unpaved road out of the town, towards Usigni, known as "paese-palazzo" (village-palace) for the beauty and quality of its buildings. Take a moment to visit the church of San Salvatore, built on the request of cardinal Poli between 1631 and 1644.

Just outside Usigni turn right onto the unmade road and after a few metres turn let towards Fontevecchia. Fontevecchia is a fountain from 1585, later transformed in magnificence for devotional use. According to tradition, everyone who passes in front of the shrine located near the fountain, should briefly pause to venerate Madonna of the Miracles (The motto was: "Oh ye who pass along this road, forget not Mary".

Follow the road to the left of the fountain and continue along the road which skirts around the moat below the centre of Monteleone di Spoleto. You have reached the village which is known as "The Lion of the Apennines" because of its position on the steep slopes in the Parco Naturale Coscerno-Aspra. Approach the village but before you have a wander around its characteristic narrow streets, take a moment to admire the medieval walls with the beautiful castle above.