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Valnerina à découvrir

Excursion in the Valnerina from Cerreto di Spoleto to Sant'Anatolia di Narco

If you are an expert hiker, set out from the town of Cerreto di Spoleto and follow this route through the Valnerina all the way to Sant'Anatolia di Narco.

The hike starts from the main square of Cerreto di Spoleto. Go down towards the right to the Church of Santa Maria de Libera. At the crossroads with the main road at Colle del Piano, go straight towards the Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli. Do stop in to see the little church, but don't linger, the day ahead is long. Turn left and follow the white/red trail markers.

You'll get to the town of Macchia, turn left onto the trail and keep following the white/red markers. You'll get to Piedilacosta and then Meggiano, where you'll find a path that leads you to the town of Piedipaterno. From the main square of this town, head to the Church of San Sebastiano and then get on the paved road upwards towards Spoleto, and after 50m turn right onto a dirt road. Start following the white/red trail markers again and when you get to the paved road at Geppa, turn right, and then, left after the church. After a bend, turn right onto the paved road and go downwards keeping your eye on the trail markers, then turn left on the dirt road, once again following the markers.

When you get to Castel San Felice, go over the bridge and follow the paved road downwards around the town. When you get to the San Felice Abbey, head along the SS209, and turn left along the old railway tracks and then cross over the SS209 after the sports area. Follow the trail markers upwards along the dirt road. You'll soon be in Sant'Anatolia di Narco, another little gem of the Valnerina, known as the ‘city of hemp' for its traditional cultivation and processing of this fibre into fine fabrics. There is even a Museo del Canapa (Hemp Museum) here.