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Canyoning in the Forra della Villa gorge in the Valnerina
Canyoning and rafting

Canyoning in the Forra della Villa gorge in the Valnerina

A gorge that is a must for anyone who loves canyoning: the La Villa gorge in the Valnerina

Heights don't frighten those who, like you, love to lower themselves down between the rocks in search of the crevices carved by the flow of water.


Just outside of Norcia you'll find the Forra della Villa gorge in the Valnerina, one of the best places for canyoning.


Head towards Visso and after having passed Borgo Cerreto, turn left towards Norcia until you get to Casal Volpetti. There you will find a small red ANAS building. Follow the trail that starts there down to the bottom of the valley, staying to your left, until you get to a wide spot alongside the trail. Enter the gorge, this is where it all starts. You are 1,000 m above sea level here!

Make sure you've brought two 40m long ropes and one of at least 25 metres. Get into your harness, don your helmet and begin the descent. You won't find any water here as the stream was redirected up above the aqueduct. The gorge is vertical and going down it is a spectacular. You'll be surrounded only by rock and the lush vegetation of Umbria. When you look up you'll see the sky and the verdant peaks that frame the Valnerina.

We suggest you explore this gorge on a lovely spring or autumn day, as in other seasons the heat or cold will distract you from your full enjoyment.

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Monteleone di Spoleto

After you've taken off your harness and put away your ropes, go to Norcia for something delicious to eat. The town is famous for its cured meats and genuine products, like the prosciutto crudo di Norcia IGP. This prosciutto, in order to retain its IGP certification, must be aged at an altitude of more than 500m above sea level and only in the areas surrounding Norcia, Cascia, Preci, Poggiodomo and Monteleone di Spoleto. Have fun and "buon appetito!"