Titolo: Chiesa di Santa Caterina

Chiesa di Santa Caterina

The church and the monastery had been erected in 1354, according to the report of the pastoral visit of the Lascaris. The oldest parts of the church of Santa Caterina, in Vallo di Nera, dates back to the 14th century or the beginning of the 15th century (bell tower, the back wall of the monastery entrance).

The monastic building, which housed the Augustinian nuns, is almost entirely ruined, due to neglect after the suppression of the Monastery decreed in 1615 by Cardinal Barberini, when it was inhabited by one nun. Later it became a private property and it collapsed until the recent renovation, which it has transformed the complex into a small auditorium. The current façade is a reconstruction of the sixteenth century, adorned with a Renaissance portal, an oculus, a bell tower situated on the right, with two overlapping bells. The interior has a single nave, with a trussed roof. The altar is separated from the wall with a rich frame with botanical motifs. Above the altar there is a canvas of the Roman school of the seventeenth century, surrounded by a rich frame carved and polychrome local craft. A canvas depicts the Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine with Saints Peter, Paul, John the Baptist and Nicholas of Tolentino.
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