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Former monastery of San Giacomo - Cerreto di Spoleto

The Church of San Giacomo, with the adjoining monastery, today houses the CEDRAV (Valnerina Centre for anthropological documentation). The façade, corresponding to the left wall of the nave, is adorned with an ogival portal.

Inside, on the left wall, is a Visitation of 1573, painted by Camillo Angelucci from Mevale, belonging to one of the most important dynasties of painters of Valnerina; there are remarkable canvases from the 17th c. depicting Saints Benedict and Scholastica and Saints Michael, James and Philip Neri.

Three walls retain much of the fresco decoration of the 15th century, damaged and restored. Among all the most remarkable are the frescoes of the Annunciation, Crucifiction and Saints and fragmentary figures in the upper wall. Some, dating to around the mid-15th century, show similarities to frescoes of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Vallo di Nera, connected to the Maestro di Eggi. On the same wall, to the right of the door leading into a small adjoining room are Christ in glory with angels bearing symbols of the passion and the Archangel St. Michael and praying figures of the 15th century. In the small room on the right, frescoes from the end of the 14th century: Scenes of the passion; a good quality St. Catherine and holy martyr by the same hand. In the monastery, in a downstairs room  is a Universal Judgement with Christ as judge in a mandorla; Mary, the apostles, the damned and the donor, a fresco of the first half of the 15th century. 





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