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Discovering Umbria: Light

Discovering Umbria: Light

"Discovering Umbria" is the project born to promote and enhance the large regional museum network consisting of over 170 between museums, eco-museums and archaeological sites, through which the Green Heart wanted to react to the seismic events of 2016, thanks to the strength of its cultural heritage.

After "Treasures of the Valnerina" in Spoleto last year, now it is the turn of the city of Orvieto that, from 12th August to 18th September, presents the preview of the project "Discovering Umbria: Light".

The exhibition "LIGHT", set up in the historic Palazzo del Sette, consists of ten large format photos with striking images from museums and cultural sites in the region.

Umbria reacts to the seismic events of 2016 with the light, through the exploration and enhancement of the region from a new point of view: historical buildings, museums, convents and significant places are (re)discovered with lights off.

The lights are focused, day and night, on the protagonists of the project: all those less-known places of Umbria's cultural heritage system, but which in themselves are an integral part of a territory and its cities, will become, in fact, a widespread cultural asset.



Opening hours

  • In August open all days from 10 am to 8 pm
  • In September open all days from 10 am to 7 pm

Free entrance



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