The “Montagnaterapia”

The “Montagnaterapia”

"The mountains can be an inexorable source of wealth, not only from a naturalistic point of view, but also from a curative one."

Experiencing the mountains is not only a physical activity: in some cases, it can become a true path to mental well-being.

This is the case of “Montagnaterapia” (Mountain therapy), a perhaps unconventional therapy, with projects mainly dedicated to welcoming and supporting individuals with different problems, illnesses or disabilities in their journey, through work on themselves and on group dynamics.

The idea of “Montagnaterapia” is to create an opportunity, especially for those living in marginalised conditions, to integrate into a group in the midst of nature, an ideal environment that fosters relationships, interaction and cooperation between people. An environment that stimulates everyone to express their abilities in solving personal and group challenges.

In Umbria, “Montagnaterapia” projects were born and arise from the collaboration between National Health Service organisations or social-health facilities accredited with the Italian Alpine Club.

The “Montagnaterapia” experience in Marsciano: the Inclusive Mountain

Within the Montagnaterapia project and from the intuition of two health workers who love nature and walking in the woods, a therapy was created for patients with psychic difficulties. The project, entitled “La Montagna Inclusiva” (The Inclusive Mountain), was carried out in Marsciano by Elisa Bagnetti and Debora Cotogni.

A monthly appointment to discover the benefits of “Montagnaterapia” on socialisation, self-esteem and independence, in order to achieve emotional and bodily control. Each outing includes a companion or guide with specific aptitudes and characteristics based on the problems of the participants.

In these words, the organisers explain their reasons for promoting this unconventional therapy:

"We are deeply convinced that nature itself, harmonious and balanced, immaculate and welcoming, can offer uncontaminated and dynamic spaces of sharing where the expression of psychic discomfort can concretely find respite, trespassing beyond the barriers of the community in a homogeneous and confident manner through the group diluting with the environment itself"

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