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The Caves of the Abbadessa di Pale
Climbing and potholing

The Caves of the Abbadessa di Pale

The Caves of the Abbadessa di Pale
Located in a hamlet of Foligno on the slopes of Monte di Pale, the evocative Caves of the Abbadessa di Pale are a result of an interesting karst phenomenon generated by the waters of the Menotre river and those of infiltration.

The Caves are divided into several cavities. The main one is considered a true jewel of architecture and it is called "Camera del laghetto" (lit. “Pond room”). It has circular shape and a height of 8-9 meters. Numerous stalactites drop from its domed ceiling and stalagmite pillars emerge from the centre, as perfect columns. After 40 years, starting in 2016, it is again possible to visit this masterpiece of nature.
Called “Camera delle Colonne a Terra” (lit. "Room of Columns on the Ground", a second cavity can be reached through a gallery. This cave has a very impressive architectural structure, too. It is characterized by remarkable stalactites that look like drapes and imposing central columns, as well as a stalagmite with a particular lion shape.
In the past, the caves collected the waters of the river during flood periods. Indeed, it is not by chance that not far from here the spectacle of the Menotre Waterfalls awaits you, reachable in a short walk.
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