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Theatre of Concordia - Marsciano

Theatre of Concordia - Marsciano

The Marsciano theatre was built in 1873 by the 'Società Della Concordia', i.e. by 25 citizens of Marsciano who had the theatre built at their own expense, on land made available by the municipality.

The project was entrusted to Eng. Nazareno Biscarini, who realised it with the characteristic use of Marsciano terracotta and brick in his work.

The beautiful terracotta façade, however, is the only survivor of the primitive body. Over the years, it has undergone several alterations and extensions, particularly in the post-war period when, for example, the double row of boxes and the gallery were removed. The work decided by the Società della Concordia, which still owned it, was completed in 1951 when the theatre became a cinema and a site for theatrical performances, conferences and assemblies.

While in the late 19th century, the Società della Concordia's aim was to offer "pleasure and education by providing moral entertainment both public and private", in the post-war period it became a vital element of municipal aggregation.

In 1986, the municipality, which had become the owner, started new works, which were completed in 1990. The new 366-seat 'cinema-theatre' was built, with an enlarged stage and an excellent cinema facility.

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