The farms and estates of the Tiber Valley
Road bike

From Umbertide along the Tiber valley

Total ascent
300 m
30 km
An easy route, which has the course of the Tiber River as its main thread and runs through the heart of the countryside. Also suitable for beginners.
Departure point Umbertide
Arrival point Umbertide
Distance 30 km
Elevation gain 300 m
Difficulty easy
Surface asphalt
Bicycle types road, hybrid
To see nearby Umbertide, Pierantonio, the River Tiber, Pieve San Quirico, Civitella Ranieri, the Montecorona Estate.


Umbertide is a small town along the Tiber, located between Città di Castello and Perugia. This itinerary starts from Piazza Mazzini and follows the very course of the Tiber, among the old farms and estates typical of this area.

Leave the centre by following the Strada Tiberina in the direction of Pierantonio and then again toward Perugia. At kilometre 13.8 you will meet the detour to La Bruna, where you will have to turn right, leaving the main road (however, with little traffic).

From here on you will begin to ascend the valley on a road with some ups and downs, surrounded by greenery and almost completely free of traffic. To the left is Mount Tezio, to the right the constant presence of the Tiber River.

There are very few cars, and the only point to watch out for is the short stretch of SS728 to be travelled between km 21.3 and 21.7.

Before returning to the starting point, you will pass the enchanting Badia di Montecorona, which is definitely worth a stop.
This is an easy route, also suitable for beginners, to be ridden by road, gravel or hybrid bike.