Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni Deruta

Santuario della Madonna dei Bagni

Not far from the center of Deruta is this shrine, built in 1687 on the site of a miraculous event. It is so named because it stands stands on Colle del Bagno (Bath Hill).

According to tradition an earthenware fragment with the image of the Virgin and Child was found here.

Fixed on the trunk of an oak tree, the image became an object of veneration, and after the first miracle, became an important destination for many sufferers who flocked here to ask for help, and leaving their votive on the tree.
By building the sanctuary, which incorporated the oak with the miraculous effigy, Deruta potters gave start to the production of votive offerings for the use by the faithful.
Over three centuries, more than seven hundred tiles have accumulated, representing significant evidence of religious and local customs, as well as technical and stylistic evolution of majolica of Deruta.

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