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Mercato delle Gaite

A medieval re-enactment, considered the most important in Europe, that transports Bevagna back to an ancient era.

The event, active for over thirty years, is held in the last ten days of June, experiencing its most significant moment in the days of the Market, this year from 14 to 25 June.

The city's four historical quarters, called 'guaite o gaite', compete in contests of crafts, gastronomy and the medieval market, offering the public the chance to immerse themselves in a great collective tale.


The streets of the city are populated with stalls and come alive with the sound of workshops in which masters of the art and expert craftsmen reveal to visitors the secrets of ancient medieval trades, showing the stages and tools of production

Throughout the event, there are performances by jesters and jugglers, and the four taverns are opened for the gastronomic competition between the gaite, an opportunity to rediscover flavours of bygone days.

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