Malvasia Bianca lunga

Malvasia Bianca Lunga

Present in Italy for many hundreds of years, the Malvasia Bianca Lunga is part of a large family of vines that includes at least another seventeen varieties.

The origins of this aromatic wine are believed to lie in the Greek peninsula, and thanks to the intensive commerce and trade with Venice in the eleventh century, it began to establish itself along the Adriatic coast.

This vine is commonly found all over Umbria, and is used in the production of a large number of white wines made in the provinces of Perugia and Terni. When vinified as a pure varietal, the Malvasia yields a wine that is straw-yellow in colour, with a lingering aroma, good alcoholic strength and smoothness. It is normally used in blends, to add greater aroma and body to white wines.

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