The Roman port of Bevagna

The Roman port of Bevagna

Discovering the river port of the old Mevania.

The latest discoveries under the former Dominican convent corroborates studies and research in recent years: Bevagna during the Roman age was equipped with a river port directly connected with Rome through the river Tiber, a real highway  “ante litteram” (before the term was invented), wherein it is poured out the mechanism of Clitunno-Topino.

We are talking about remains of a building complex built using the style opus mixtum (mixed work), a kind of masonry used by Romans with the set of opus reticolatum (reticulated work) and latericium (brick work) and composed of several rooms, between warehouses and service areas of the port.

Their discovery can testify the consistent commercial activity of the port during the Augustan Age. It handled some products like wheat, olive oil, but especially wine, very popular in the Empire’s capital.

In fact Bevagna was located in the middle of the Umbrian Valley and its river port – adjacent to Flaminian Way built by the Romans in 220 B.C. – represented an intermodal hub of exchange between the various transport systems.

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