Cerreto di Spoleto

The Ancient Baths of Triponzo

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“Its therapeutic efficacy has been already proven by a sufficient number of clinical data in order to deserve the trust of the healthy art’s enthusiasts”. 

So some historical publications attesting its ancient origins indicate the benefits of the thermal water of Triponzo.

The Therms of Cerreto di Spoleto, known probably since the Roman epoch (its most famous reference is in the Virgil’s Aeneid), were quoted for the first time in 1488, when, already working, were transferred to the Norcia Municipality for 151 gold florins and therefore to Pasquale Forti and to the Bishop of Norcia Bucchi - Accica, who donated them to the Cerreto District.

Today, the Ancient Baths of Triponzo recently returned to be usable after over 30 years, by using those same waters, containing sulphur and other elements including magnesium, having health effects on the body and the mind.

It is the only spa complex in Umbria supplied with sulphurous water rich of calcium that, regardless of the season, keeps its temperature constantly at 30 degrees, with considerable features and therapeutic qualities.

Therms are entirely immersed in the Umbrian green wood: 18 sources of sulphurous thermal water, emerald green in colour, flow out in this place.

The water starts its itinerary in the Park of Sibillini Mountains: drops gather after each rain, some of them reach rivers and creeks, other ones choose a way leading them in depth in contact with porous rocks, with whom they bind and start a long path.

The water acquires in that way part of the substances that compose the rock, at the same time warming up by virtue of the increasing temperature as you go down in the depths of the Earth.

After a long time spent in the dark depths of the Valnerina, the sulphurous water emerges and comes back to see the light, whose colour mixes suggestive shades of green and blue, result of the nature work, that enriched it with calcium and sulphates.

The efficacy of the sulphurous water of the Triponzo Baths is indicated for the osteoarticular inflammations, for their anti-inflammatory  qualities for skins’ diseases, such as eczemas, acne, dermatitis, because sulphur is a bacteriostatic and the natural peeling derived from bathing purifies and renews the dermis. The health qualities of the sulphurous thermal waters of the Ancient Baths of Triponzo are traditionally recognized and still today very much appreciated.

Surrounded by secular oaks, among the Valnerina mountains, here you can enjoy the pleasure of the warm sulphurous water, by letting you cuddle by the whisper of Nera waters. 


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