Chiesa di Santa Croce - Umbertide

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On the area where the church of santa Chiara stands currently, it existed in the XIII century a small church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, which was to serve as an oratory for the brotherhood of the Disciplined of Santa Maria.
In 1340 this brotherhood is remembered with the name of Santa Maria and Santa Croce and in the fifteenth century with the sole title of Santa Croce. Various additions were made in the course of the fifteenth century and in the mid of the next century. Between 1634 and 1645 with the definitive restructuring of 'building by Filippo Fracassini, the evolution of the church of Santa Croce can be closed down, except for the brick facade, from the late-baroque style, built in the early eighteenth century. Inside the church is characterized by rich stucco by Giovanni Fontana of Foligno(1676). There is a single nave, altars dating back to the eighteenth century, first of all the richly carved (1711) designed to contain the beautiful Deposition of the Cross by Luca Signorelli, commissioned by brotherhood of Santa Maria in 1516. In 1998 the church, after careful restoration by the Municipality of Umbertide, was transformed in the Museum of Santa Croce. Among the most interesting works are in addition to the altarpiece by Luca Signorelli, a painting by Pomarancio depicting the Madonna and Child in Glory with Angels and Saints (1577) and a wooden sculpture of St. Roch attributed to Roman Alberti said the Black 1528, from the nearby church of San Francesco. The former church of Santa Croce is also used for recordings of classical works, with the participation of internationally renowned masters, and it is the stage of prestigious music festivals.