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Cesare Franchi, il Pollino

Cesare Franchi, il Pollino

An exhibition dedicated to the Perugian miniaturist Cesare Franchi known as "il Pollino", an internationally renowned artist considered by Federico Zeri to be one of the peaks of the European figurative art in the sixteenth century.

He was a well-known miniaturist of his time, active between Perugia and Rome, but only a few examples of his production are left.

The exhibition has the ambition to present for the first time his known work, in addition to other contemporary miniatures that will expand the historical critical apparatus on the subject.

The particularity of the miniatures is their small size, which makes even more surprising the meticulousness and elegance of the sometimes numerous figures that populate the scene, which force the viewer to a "slow and intense reading" of the composition, made possible, in this case thanks to special magnifying glasses made available to visitors.

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