The Tezio Mount’s Park

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The Tezio Mount and its surrounding mountain ranges have an incomparable charm because they are sweet and at the same time harsh, and their sides are enriched by the colours of the Mediterranean Maquis.  

Placed north of Perugia, the Tezio Mount is a 961 metres high mountain splitting the Tiber’s valley to the east from the hills gently sloping towards the Trasimeno Lake, to the west.

The views are so wide that they allow to admire both the central Apennine Mountains until the peak of Gran Sasso in Italy and the expanse of the Trasimeno Lake with its peaks separating it from Tuscany.

The vegetation is varied and rich: the dorsal from Tezio Mount to the Acuto Mount (overlooking the town of Umbertide) is characterised by holm oaks on the lowlands, whereas on the highlands you can find the hop-hornbeam, the manna ash, the turkey oak, the downy oak and the maple. The foothills are marked by the Mediterranean maquis made up of the common and red juniper, the hawthorn, thorns, the broom and the blackthorn. Descending, you will reach the hills with their agricultural landscapes, arable crops and olive trees.

The wild fauna, instead, includes few fallows and roe deers, but also wild boars, foxes, porcupines, badgers and squirrels. The resident and migrating birds include different species of falcons such as the goshawk  and the short-toed eagle, beyond buzzards, owls, little owls, kestrels, jays, the green woodpecker, the nuthatch, the serin, the goldfinch, the great tit and the blackcap.

Distinctive features of the territory are the important historical testimonies throughout the area, that confirm the the presence of man in this area since ancient times: proto-historical castles, Etruscan tombs, ruins of castles, aqueducts and ancient snow cisterns integrate in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

These features make the Park of Tezio Mountain an ideal place to go trekking and hiking, thanks to the many practicable itineraries suitable not only for mountain’s lovers, but also for all those who love art and history.

You will be able to immerse in a world of old mule tracks, woods, monumental trees, sudden landscapes with breathtaking sunsets on the Trasimeno Lake. And you will also see birds, pastures, birds of different shapes, creeks and waterfalls, roars, noises and smells to experiment and feel with all senses, in the silence of nature, throughout the year.

Along the route it will be easy to see small villages, country churches, towers, castles with their history and archaeological sites of the ancient civilizations settled here, in a borderland and a meeting point between Umbrians and Etruscans. 




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