Roman Cisterns - Amelia

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Piazza Augusto Vera - 05022 Amelia
The Cisterns are located beneath Piazza Matteotti, corresponding to the public square of the Roman period (Forum), at the northern end of the town of Amelia.
This is the main monument of hydraulic engineering designed in Roman times, which visitors can explore through a fascinating journey to look into the cultural Amelia underground. The big building was built between the second and first centuries BC, when Amelia was elevated to the rank of City Hall and equipped with a series of functional infrastructure (walls, terracing, roads). It consists of a large rectangular room (57,50 x 19,60 meters) divided into ten parallel compartments covered with barrel vaults (highest on average 5.70 meters) carved into the limestone rock and then lined by a masonry uncertain work, it is characterized by a cementitious core and by a facing of hewn stones embedded in the core. Exceptional is the state of preservation, with operative all the components for the functioning of the entire complex, including the water feed system, the internal device of the maximum water level adjustment and the emptying system of the cisterns.