Church of San Bernardino - Montefranco

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The church of San Bernardino was built on an ancient Benedictine chapel.
It’s located not far from the town of Montefranco. The church is characterized by two adjacent buildings. It’s dedicated to the patron saint of the country. Infact, around 1444, in Montefranco San Bernardino was for preaching. Inside the church they are kept frescoes attributed to Orlando Merlini, student of Benozzo Gozzoli. In 1454 the church was built and it was rebuilt in the fifteenth century, with an adjacent convent of the Padri Osservanti, and there are still visible on the facade the traces of the original building. The interior, a single nave and a vaulted ceiling, contains numerous frescoes by different artists, ranging from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century.