Church of St. Catherine

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Via Giovanni da Chiavano 1 - 06043 Cascia
The Church of St. Catherine is one of the oldest churches inPreci: it dates back to the 10th century. 
Over the years it has been modified almost completely from its original appearance because of drastic restorations. Now it houses the museum of Preci Surgery: thanks to the restoration work to prepare the museum, the Romanesque portal walled for years was reopened and the belfry was reinforced. The Municipality of Preci in collaboration with the University of Perugia and the University of Rome supported the opening  of The Museum of Preci Surgery in May 2009. It houses an exhibition of portrait of distinguished doctors, famous patients and some prints of anatomical illustrations. Display cases contain tools and surgical instruments used by the surgeons. The story of the surgery of Preci it is also described at the Diocesan Museum of Sant'Eutizio. The two museums showmedical instruments and iconographic documentation. For the inhabitants of this area was very simple to practice surgery because of their experience in pork processing, because human and pig anatomy aren't enormously different.