Chiesa di San Nicola - Scheggino

The Church of St. Nicholas. Context: urban. Dating: 13th Century. The church of San Nicola, or Nicolò, patron saint of the village, is situated in the historic center of Scheggino

The title and the cult of San Nicola of Myra was brought from the East by Syrian hermits, and the earliest oratory was Paleo-Christian. In the 12th century it was enlarged in the Romanesque style with the expansion of the castle walls to the river.

In the 1210 the church was under the authority of the Benedictines of Sassovivo Abbey. The church became a parish church in 1446. It was enlarged and restored by the Lonbard guild of master masons between 1509-1521. The entrance to the church is preceded by a large portico; on the architrave is an inscription reading "Leave behind every worry when you enter to pray".


Inside, there are three naves,  with the frescoes of the apse attribuible to the circle of Giovanni Lo Spagna, the Coronation of Mary with Saints and a nativity scen are in need of restoration. The choice to paint the Coronation in Scheggino, as in Spoleto Cathedral, was intended as an homage to Spoleto and proof of the village's loyalty. In the Chapel of the Rosary, on the left of the high altarn there is a canvas signed and dated, Guidobaldo Abbatini 1664, representing the Madonna of the Rosary and Saints.

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