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Rowing in Piediluco
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Rowing in Piediluco

Rowing in Piediluco

Piediluco, small and inspiring village of medieval origin located along the shore of the eponymous lake, is the ideal place for enthusiasts of sailing, rowing and water skiing.


The Piediluco Lake is one of the most beautiful Italian and European rowing facilities: indeed the particular lightness of the water and the complete lack of wind facilitate the flow of boats, by making it an exceptional race course.


It has been chosen by the Italian Rowing Federation as seat of the National Rowing Centre: international rowing competitions take place here and its sporting as well as accommodation facilities are used by athletes all over the world as ideal location for training camps and stages.

Surrounded by the green of woods, the lake can be used for rowing competitive training sessions, but also for an amateur approach.

The Piediluco Rowing Club makes available a race course under FISA regulations, with 9 race lanes, 2 service roads, a stage of departure, a turret of starters and aligners, a tower of arrival.

For trainings there is an equipped gym (with ergometers, barbells, weight-training equipment), with adjoining dressing rooms and showers as well as several facilities for the practice of other sports, including an Olympic swimming pool.

A small curiosity: the Monte Caperno, generally also called Echo Mountain because it is able to repeat distinctly an entire hendecasyllable, is rising on the shore of the lake opposite to the location of Piediluco.

At the end of the day, spoil yourself with a local typical dish, the “ciriole” of Terni, and enjoy the wonderful sight of the sunset on the lake.