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Palazzo Lepri

Palazzo Lepri

Along Corso Matteotti, in the centre of Bevagna, is the town hall, Palazzo Lepri. Built in the late 18 th century, by the architect Andrea Vici, following the wishes of the Lepri family, it has a neo-classical façade and the main door is embellished by an elegant and decorative wrought iron transom. 

The atrium has Doric columns with a balcony above. The whole building will be increasingly used as a museum venue.

Along the stairway to the building is part of the archaeological collection, gathered together and catalogued in 1787 by the abbot Fabio Alberti.

In the Sala della Giunta there are three paintings by local artist Paolo Spetta from the mid- 19th century.

The Sala Consiliare is adorned with allegorical decorations and portraits of famous men from Bevagna, which were completed between 1867 and 1868 by the painter, Mariano Piervittori of Tolentino and restored by the painter Matteo Tassi.

On the first floor are the library, the historical archives, as well as the Pinacoteca (picture gallery). The latter is organised into rooms and brings together archaeological finds and works of historical and cultural interest. The silver coins from the Republican age, found in a treasure trove discovered in 1931, near to a City gate during maintenance work on a sports field, are particularly noteworthy.

Over the years, the collection has been added to, and now includes funeral and honorary inscriptions, tombstones, locally made cinerary urns, sculpture fragments, architectural decorations, bronzes and ceramics.

The paintings by Dono Doni, Ascensidonio Spacca and Andrea Camassei are equally interesting.

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