Museum of the Painted Egg in Civitella del Lago

Museum of the Painted Egg in Civitella del Lago

An unusual museum exhibiting thousands of painted and sculpted eggs from the “Painted Egg National Exhibition-Competition”; founded in 1982 in Civitella del Lago from the bright idea of Anacleto Bernardini, president of a Youth Cultural Association.

Painting eggs during Eastertime is an ancient practice, widespread in Europe and also in central Italy.

Eggs used to be painted using natural colours derived by infusions of flowers, herbs, onions and more.

The Painted Egg National Exhibition-Competition has been organized every year from Easter to 1st May, since 1982. It is open to all, amaterur or professional, wishing express their creativity. Each year many artists try, during the different contests, to find new surprising and creative forms and techniques.

In 2005 this original museum opened in Civitella del Lago, that exhibits thousands of painted or carved eggs from many different species.

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