Eremo della Pasquarella

Eremo della Pasquarella

Thirteen km frm Baschi on the SS 448 road towards Todi, in the Forello gorge, the Pasquarella Hermitage or "Pasquarella hiking center" is set among rocks and dense vegetation.

Three festivals a year are celebrated there: Epiphany, the Sunday after Easter, and the last Sunday of May. The construction of the hermitage dates back to the eleventh century.

The name Pasquarella comes from "piccolo Pasqua" (small Easter) or "prima Pasqua" (First Easter ) of the year, Epiphany. There are different legends about its origin: the most common one deals with the fact that some residents of Acqualoreto found the image of the Virgin Mary and carried it to the parish church. They had to do this several times because the image always returned on the gravel bed of the ditch.

Only in 1873 Don Giuseppe Bernardi managed to reignite the devotion to Our Lady of Pasquarella. In 1880 he rebuilt the sacred building. In his book on the history of M. Virgin Pasquarella, Don Bernardi tells about a miraculous phenomenon: the sweat of the Madonna and Child. This kind of phenomenon repeated several times between 1890 and 1900, always on Epiphany, regardless of climate, rainfall, or who might be present to witness it.


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