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Monastero Museo delle Orsoline

Monastero Museo delle Orsoline

Open to the public since 2002, the museum is housed in the monastery held by the Ursulines since the first half of the eighteenth century.

The structure, a remarkable example of 18th century Italian architecture, is the result of joining the 16th century Ferrini Palace with two churches, unified by a monumental façade designed starting from 1739 by Ferdinando Fuga. The famous architect is also responsible for the portion of the building specifically built for the use of the monastery.

Photo Credits: Marco Giugliarelli


The collection is made up of works that can be dated between the 16th and 18th centuries from the post-unification demanations and the monastery itself. Influences of Roman and Abruzzese art can be read here, confirming the particular location of Calvi on the border between Umbria, upper Lazio and Abruzzo.

You can also visit the historical rooms of the monastery such as the kitchens, the washhouse, the apothecary's shop, the cemetery area, the crypt, the vegetable garden and the garden. In 2012 the Museum was rearranged to house a prestigious collection of works donated by the Roman Chiomenti-Vassalli family. The collection consists of over 100 works, both pictorial and sculptural, by artists such as P. Bruegel the Younger, Guido Reni, Furini, Batoni, Magnasco, Voet, Petruccio Perugino.

Local artists are seen, with paintings by Mannerist Rinaldo da Calvi, Calisto Calisti and Nerocci di San Gemini. The works by Agostino Masucci (one of the most important representatives of the new artistic course started by Carlo Maratta), show Roman infuence, as well as the main altarpiece of the church of Santa Brigida, attributed to Francesco Appiani.

An integral part of the museum itinerary is also the church of Sant'Antonio Abate which houses a monumental nativity scene composed of thirty polychrome terracotta sculptures made in 1546 by the Abruzzese brothers Giovanni and Raffaele da Montereale. 

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