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Lombard July

Lombard July

A series of sensational relics have been discovered in February 1987 near Nocera Umbra: swords, daggers (sax), harnesses of horse-riding, arrows, shield umbos, pottery, jewels and fibulas (brooches). 

These are spectacular and very rich artefacts, found during a year in 165 tombs researched in a systematic excavation, showing as Nocera and its area play a key role in the 6th and 7th centuries: that is the period when Lombards - once they started their Italian invasion in 568 - went further to conquer wide territories in the centre of the peninsula and consolidated their presence with the establishment of two duchies (Spoleto and Benevento).

Today these treasures are exhibited at the National Museum of Spoleto’s Duchy and at the Museum of the Early Middle Ages in Rome.

The “Lombard July”, that has been held every summer in the Nocera village since 2010, is connected with this heritage.

The event, appointment that now reached its sixth edition, will be held this year from the 21st to the 23rd July and will have as main topic “Eating with Lombards”.

The historical field, that will present a picture of the daily life in the 7th and 8th century, will offer fighting performances, storytelling and laboratories of medicine and writing led by the hosted groups Gens Langobardorum of Salerno and Benevento Longobarda.

A focus on the early medieval diet, curated by Presenze Longobarde, will take place at the Museum.

The innovation of this year will be the setting up of an archaeological and didactic exhibition with a hundred of replicas of Lombard findings coming from all Italy made by the Gasac artisans.

There will also be a market with the educational tables of the group Tempora Medievalis, the Lombard dinner, moments of early medieval music with the group Winileod and entertainment for adults and kids curated by the Acrobats of the Village. 

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