itinerario da Montefranco a Monte Moro
Parcs naturels et parcs à thème

Itinerary from Montefranco to Monte Moro

Discover the ‘iron road', an ancient path which used to connect Monteleone di Spoleto with Scheggino, in the Nera Valley.

Dreaming of a weekend far from crowds and the stress of everyday life? Open your eyes and start walking: this is the itinerary you need, taking you into a bit of paradise in the heart of Umbria, an area worthy of attention for its landscapes, and more.

We will also be travelling down the ancient ‘iron road', a crucial connection in the past for the transportation of the precious mineral from Monteleone di Spoleto to Scheggino, and from there towards the Flaminia road and then to the city of Rome.

Our starting point is Montefranco, a municipality in the province of Terni, surrounded by olive trees and forests of oaks and pine-trees which make it the undisputed pearl of the Nera Valley. The town developed at the beginning of the 1200s around the old castle of Bufone, of which today only the Franca and Spoletina gates and the outer walls have survived.

Worth visiting are also the church of San Pietro and the parish of Santa Maria, recently built over the remains of pre-existing structures. From the church of the Madonna del Carmine, we walk up the ridge to Colle Verde where we find the village of Colline.

After entering a proper, denser forest, we reach Monte Moro, a reference point for the whole valley, opposite Ferentillo.

Up on the top we find an archaeological site bearing the remains of a Roman sanctuary and of some cisterns. We then descend towards San Mamiliano, which owes its name to a saint who lived in the 5th century and was much revered in the early centuries of Christianity.