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Holy Thorn's Donation

Holy Thorn's Donation

On the 17th April Montone is going to celebrate the Easter Monday with the "Holy Thorn's Donation - Celebration of the ancient county of Braccio da Montone", anticipation of the future August's celebration that will recall the Donation of a thorn from a crown that pierced Jesus' head to the people of Montone from Carl, son of Braccio Fortebraccio.


Celebrations will start in the morning with the opening of the Medieval market, the reading of the "Proclamation of the big standard-bearer" and the historical parade.

In the afternoon instead the festival will go on with the tribute to the court of Braccio from Malatesta Archers in Montone, several appointments among dance and performance, a theatrical visit to discover Montone's treasures, until the final concert of the Braccio Fortebraccio's Choral. It will be a day to plunge into the medieval atmosphere of Montone, one of the "Italian most beautiful villages". 

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