Holy Thorn’s Donation

Holy Thorn’s Donation

On the 2nd April Montone is going to celebrate the Easter’s Monday with the “Holy Thorn’s Donation - Celebration of the ancient County of Braccio da Montone”, anticipation of the big August’s celebration that will recall the Donation from Carl, son of Braccio Fortebraccio , to the people of Montone of a thorn from the crown that pierced Jesus’ head.

The historical documents narrate that exactly on the Easter’s Monday Carlo Fortebraci donated to Montone the Horn of the Christ’s Crown received by the Serenissima Republic of Venice for his military services.

The Thorn has been preserved by the nuns of St.

Agnese’s convent since 1798, year when the church of St. Francis caught fire.

Celebrations will start by reading the “Proclamation of the Big Standard-Bearer”, followed by the historical parade.

In the afternoon it will be possible to visit the Holy Thorn’s reliquary in the Collegiate Church.  

The schedule, beyond the religious ceremonies, also includes the medieval market, the games in the square and many shows for adults and kids.                                                                                                                                         

It will be a day to plunge into the medieval atmosphere of Montone, one of the “Italian most beautiful villages”.

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