Easter in Foligno

Easter in Foligno


One of the most evocative processions takes place on Good Friday at Colfiorito, near Foligno. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages and it sees the participation of the Penitenti (wearing dark purple robes and with heavy chains around their ankles), the Crociari (who carry paper covered crucifixes that are illuminated with candles) as well as those belonging to Confraternities.

At Fiamenga, near Foligno, the traditional procession has become an actual theatrical performance of the Passion of Christ which, is performed in the town's piazza, with new settings and dialogue every year.



The Procession of the Dead Christ in Bevagna, on Good Friday, probably has its origins in the 1500s. The characters, all in costume, are the three Crociferi (representing Christ, who are wearing red and the two Thieves wearing black), Saint Mary Magdalene and Veronica, the Confraternita della Misericordia (with a black shirt and a purple belt) and the three Marys.

Instead, on Easter Sunday,  the Corsa del Cristo Risorto (Race of the Risen Christ): four members of the Confraternity carry the statue of the Risen Christ from the Chiesa del Seminario to the Church of San Michele on their shoulders. At the moment when the priest intones the Gloria, the statue is rushed down the central aisle of the church and placed in front of the altar. On the same day, the "Rinchinata" also takes place. This event consists in the meeting between the statues of Christ and the Madonna, borne aloft. At the moment they bow to each other, the bells ring out in celebration.



On Good Friday in Montefalco, at the church of San Bartolomeo, the re-enactment of the Passion and the Sacred Representation take place. On Holy Saturday the "Glory of the Risen Christ" sermon is held: at the Gloria of the Easter Vigil Mass, the eighteenth-century wooden statue of the Risen Christ is rushed into the Church of San Bartolomeo. Lastly, on Easter Monday in Piazza del Comune it is time for "Gara della Ciuccetta": an ancient folk tradition where two contenders challenge each other in an egg-tapping contest.



In Spello, from the 24th to the 29th March "Via Crucis d'Autore" is back: the fourteen stations which commemorate the Passion of Christ inspire Italian and international artists, who for the occasion, will be creating paintings to place in various locations throughout the old town, transforming it into a huge art gallery.

Instead, on Easter Tuesday, the festa de "La Sbeccica" takes place: the Marian feast day held dearest to the people of Spello. Tradition states that the wooden image of the Madonna which is venerated in the church of San Lorenzo was brought by San Bernardino from Siena as a gift to the people of Spello in 1483.  In the afternoon, it is custom for people from Foligno to go to the town of the "Infiorata", to celebrate the "Sbeccica" and enjoy a glass of vernaccia, a sweet wine that is typical of the area.

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