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Conoscere e amare l'Italia

Conoscere e amare l'Italia (Discover and love Italy)

After Milan, Vetriano di Pescaglia, Lucca, Sanremo and Orvieto, the travelling exhibition "Conoscere e amare l'Italia: le trasformazioni del Paese attraverso le fotografie di Renato Bazzoni, padre del FAI" is also coming to Perugia, at Palazzo Baldeschi.

The exhibition brings together shots by the renowned architect from Milan, retracing the history of his long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and Italian cultural heritage.

Almost 300 photographs are divided into six different sections: starting with vernacular or rural architecture and then passing to images of the flooding which affected Florence and a large part of the Veneto region in 1966. The exhibition continues with the theme of the fragile habitat of Venice with aerial photographs depicting the damage to the coastal areas caused by building work during the period of the economic boom. Lastly, the final two sections are dedicated to the history of man shown through landscapes and Umbria in the Seventies, depicting a region caught between a rural past and signs of modernity.

For the whole period of the exhibition the FAI Association is also promoting the initiative "Tu come la vedi?" ("How do you see it?"): through the website you can send your own photos of Italy, both of the one Italians love, as well as the one they might rather not see. The images will then be published in the site's gallery.


Dates and times

From the 27th February to the 25th April 2016

From Tuesdays to Thursdays: from 15.00 to 19.00; from Fridays to Sundays from 11.00 to 19.00.

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