Complesso di San Francesco - Norcia

The St. Francis complex has hosted the auditorium, the municipal library and the historical archive since the 14th century.
The renovation of the auditorium’s external façade was completed by the conventual Franciscans, according to the standards of the late Gothic style. The beautiful rose window on the front and the richly decorated lateral portals are noteworthy. The single-nave interior is decorated with a few frescoes that survived among the many ones that decorated its walls.
The auditorium is about to be enriched by another prestigious painting.
Indeed, the bottom wall is going to host the altarpiece depicting The Coronation of the Virgin painted by Jacopo Siculo for the Franciscan friars of the Annunziata in 1541. The monumental painting, that will return to its home town after 25 years, is going to revitalize the whole environment thanks to its particular lights and colours, but also because of its dimensions (the entire structure containing the altarpiece is 7 metres long and 5 metres wide).
One of the most significant archival heritages of the region, in terms of richness, antiquity and variety of recordings, can be visited within the complex.
Indeed precious vestiges of the St. Benedict’s town and of its surrounding territory since the 13th century are preserved in the municipal historical archive of Norcia. If we also consider the aggregated collections, the archive consists of beyond 12000 pieces dating between this time and the 1960s.
In the section predating the unification of Italy, note the secret archive of the Municipality that indicates the existing relationships between Norcia and the central papal authority, the neighbouring communities and towns.
In the post-unification section are the documents produced between 1860 and 1960.
Then the municipal deposit houses the State archives such as the Notarial Archive of the Government.
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