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Church of San Pietro, Fossato di Vico

Church of San Pietro

The Church of San Pietro is the oldest church of Fossato, built originally as a Monastery of Camaldolesi.
It was surely built before the castrum, because although it is the main church, it's not located at the center of the castle, as expected according the architectural rule at the time the town was founded.
The church was carved into the rock to the east and north, below the residence of the ancient monks (which can still be accessed from inside the church using a steep staircase carved into the rock) and it overlooks a small square with medieval features. This church had the largest cemetery in the territory of Fossato from its origins until 1870. In those years the church fallen in total abandonment because the parish house had been moved to the Church of San Sebastiano, which absorbed some of its treasures.
Exactly a century later it was restored and reopened to worship. 
There are some traces of frescoes, a tomb and other elements. There is a wonderful stone washbasin located below the church of St. Pietro.
Fonte: Comune di Fossato di Vico
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