Church of St. Margaret in Narni

This church was built together with an adjacent Benedictine monastery, which no longer exits. It was finished in 1602, as attested by the inscriptions found on the vaulted ceiling.

The façade dates to the late 1500s. The travertine doors topped by garlands and other adornments are gracious and the upper part features two lovely windows and an oval higher up.


An elegant gable completes this church, worthy of note for the harmony of its lines and proportions. The interior is harmonious and solemn, with an evident early Baroque flair, full of nobility and light.

The vaulted ceiling boasts some enchanting stuccos. The largest one in the centre depicts St. Margaret and the boldness of the frieze is remarkable.

On the walls, the brushes of one of the Zuccari (perhaps Federico) depict a sequence of episodes from the life of the Saint, her capture, flogging, being boiled in oil and decapitation, the terrifying realism mitigated by the gentle Mannerist expression with which it was made.

Other frescoes around the side altars portray images of other saints, while a very flowing ornate grotesque enlivens the lines of the small apse. 

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