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Along the shores of lake Trasimeno between Castiglione and Tuoro
Mountain bike

MTB 02 - Along the shores of lake Trasimeno between Castiglione and Tuoro

Total ascent
180 m
32 km
Everyone can do these even without fork suspension, as they are fairly short, mainly along the flat or with easy climbs, and do not require any special technical abilities
Starting point Castiglione del Lago
Finishing point Castiglione del Lago
Distance 32 km (21 on the shorter alternative)
Total ascent 180 meters
Grade easy
Road surface 65% dirt, 35% sealed
Recommended bike MTB, E-MTB
Places to visit in the area Castiglione del Lago, Tuoro, Lake Trasimeno.


Although this route is not short, it is quite flat, so it can be classified as easy and suitable for everyone. At Borghetto, there is an alternative route that cuts the distance to 21 kms.

The first part of the trail, just a few kilometres from the shores of the lake, alternates sealed and dirt surfaces across the plain between Castiglione and Cortona, but the second part (mainly along dirt tracks) is more spectacular as it goes along the Trasimeno cycling track, which runs just a few metres from the lake through thick vegetation with many wooden bridges.

The start is at the sports centre in Castiglione, a town worth well worth visiting on return. Following the lakeside drive, leave Castiglione following the signs for Pozzuolo and Piana, and after about 6,5 kms, turn right off the sealed road into a series of wide dirt roads.

After 11,5 kms, the route returns to SS 71 along sealed road and stays on it for about 2 kms before turning right towards Borghetto. From the village, it goes straight ahead over the level crossing, then up a short climb and to the right into a dirt road through the olive trees where there is a good view of the lake. 
At the end of the climb, it turns right, then right again and starts descending along a dirt road. Past a farmhouse and through the tunnel under the highway, in less than 2 kms it returns to the Trasimeno cycling track. After 22,5 kms, it briefly returns to the sealed road and goes back through the village of Borghetto. 

After 24,2 kms, it turns left towards Camping la Badiaccia, then to the cycling track that returns to Castiglione del Lago along the shores of the lake through thick vegetation and beautiful views.


The area around Lake Trasimeno, whose 128 kmq make it the fourth biggest lake in Italy. It is protected as a Regional Park and its circular shape nestling amongst cultivated plains and rolling hills covered in olive groves is has a natural beauty much sought after by foreign tourists. 
The historical centre of Castiglione del Lago, with its medieval walls and three gateways, is worth a thorough visit, also because it has a wonderful view of the lake. Inside the town are the Rocca del Leone, a pentagonal fortress from medieval times representing one o f the best examples of military architecture in the area, and the Palazzo della Corgna, an elegant renaissance aristocratic residence built by Ascanio della Corgna in 1560 to plans created by Vignola, also known as Galeazzo Alessi. At Tuoro, on the shores of the lake, it is worthwhile following the historical “Battle of Trasimeno” route, which recreates the most important stages of the defeat of the Roman army by Hannibal’s Carthaginian troops in 217 BC.