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Sezione introduttiva pagina Valnerina da scoprire

A new way of getting to know Umbria, in the breathtaking landscape of the Nera River valley: nature, abbeys, hermitages, towers and medieval walls. Taste excellent traditional pork products. Experience the Valnerina, an undiscovered treasure.

In the Valnerina you will be struck by the power of nature, by the widespread settlement of abbeys, monasteries and hermitages, by traditional culture as well as its food and wine, well known beyond national borders. It's a mountain landscape crossed by the Nera River, where unique and spectacular landscapes, from the Plain of Castelluccio di Norcia to the Marmore Waterfalls, alternate and combine with the traces left by millennia of human settlements. The forests, solitary and intense, the steep hillsides and harsh cliff-faces and the isolation created by the mountains attracted hermits and monastic orders seeking solitude for prayer and meditation. Today the same features draw visitors and pilgrims who want an authentic experience far from the stress of modern life. This land, permeated by ascetic values, was home to Saint Benedict, patron saint of Europe.


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