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Urban Trekking in Perugia

Urban Trekking in Perugia: history and charming views

There's no better way to get to know a city that walking along its streets and popping into hidden alleys. Here are some routes that will help you get to know the beauty of the ancient city of Perugia.

The "Flag of Italy" walk in the heart of the historical centre is an itinerary that leads to piazzas and streets dedicated to the heroes of the Risorgimento and the fight for independence. From the old Rocca Paolina fortress you will reach Piazza Italia lined with elegant 1800s buildings and then continue on to Borgo XX Giugno. From Porta San Costanzo walk down via Roma to reach Piazza Garibaldi; then walk along viale Indipendenza, via Caporali and via Bonazzi to reach Piazza della Repubblica. From here, enjoy the classic Perugian pastime of the vasca, or strolling down the main Corso Vannucci, to the Cathedral of San Lorenzo on Piazza IV Novembre and then finish your excursion with a walk down Via dei Priori.

The Senses route of echoes and old memories starts at the old Rocca Paolina fortress and, walking along Via Oberdan, you'll reach Piazza Matteotti, where you go down Via Alessi, and then Via della Viola to get to know the real heart of Perugia. Continue down Via Pinturicchio which curves onto the panoramic Via Cesare Battisti. The route continues on Via della Sposa, Via della Cupa, Via Caporali and ends at Piazza della Repubblica.

Walking from water source to fountain is a 5 km walk that follows the underground water system of the city. It starts at the most famous of fountains, Fontana Maggiore on Piazza IV Novembre, and leads to the Fontana di Via Maestà delle Volte, the fountain at the Etruscan Arch and the fountain at Piscinello to end at the fountain of Piazza Italia. The walk to discover the smaller water sources, on the other hand, lets you enjoy gorgeous views of the landscape that surrounds the city.

To get to know A new Perugia: the secret rooms, start at the what was once the old Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia, on via Oberdan. During your walk you'll see Piazza San Francesco and the 14th century church of Sant'Ercolano and, finally the Basilica di San Domenico, which houses a funerary monument of Pope Benedict XI.

To enjoy nature in the centre of Perugia, follow the The nature park of the historic centre route that starts at the Piazza dell'Università and travel back into time with a tour that, with gorgeous views and Etruscan digs, will let you enjoy the historical phases of the city.

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