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Traditional recipes

Tris Bruschettas

Serves 4
10 minutes
Cook time
5 minutes

The tris di bruschette is an ideal appetiser for a buffet or to open a meal, satisfying everyone's tastes.

We propose three variations of bruschette with typical products and condiments from our region.

Now all you have to do is try your hand at preparation.


Cut the bread into slices about two centimetres thick. Toast them on both sides for a couple of minutes each, in the oven or on a grill, so that they are crispy and well toasted. Once ready, rub the still-warm slices with fresh garlic and season to your liking.

Here we suggest three possible seasonings: extra virgin olive oil and salt, a traditional Italian classic; chicken liver pâté, a typical Umbrian recipe; and finally black truffle pâté from the region.

Place them on a serving dish and serve.