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Crostini al tartufo scorzone estivo
Traditional recipes

Summer truffle crostini

There is not only the prized black truffle, typically autumn and winter, but also its summer variant, which goes by the name of Scorzone. Its delicacy makes it perfect for many types of preparations and much appreciated by those who do not like particularly strong aromas and flavours.


For a quick and easy recipe, we recommend preparing a delicious sauce to use as a topping for croutons.

First brush the truffles, wash and dry them, then grate some and cut a small part into small slivers. Pour the garlic and 4 tablespoons of oil into a small pan, lightly fry, add the grated truffles and add a pinch of salt. Cook for one minute.

Toast the bread and season it with the resulting sauce and add the truffle shavings to make the bruschetta more appetising.

Tips: truffle sauce is also an ideal condiment for other dishes, from starters to main courses. Once the sauce is ready, you can store it in a tightly sealed jar for 2-3 days in the refrigerator or freeze it to keep it longer, although the taste may be affected.